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Frequently asked question about this expeditions

Who will lead this trip?
P.K. Lama will be in charge of the climbing operation. Please see his CV.
Mingmar Tenzing (M.T. Lama) will be in charge of medical advisor and organizer. Please see his CV.

I do not have climbing experience but I am interested in joining in this expedition. Can I join ?
Yes, you can. You can join as a trekker or as a climber. If you are interested to learn to climb our climbing sherpa will give basic knowledge about climbing & one special climbing sherpa will be with you all the time when you start your climbing. Also if you are not interested to climb you can still follow the climbing itinerary and stay at the base camp & wait for the climbers.

What does sponsor means ?
Any private, government office or individual can sponsor for this trip. The organizer or an individual climber/trekker can be sponsored. For example if a climber wants to go on this trip but can not afford it, he/she may find a corporate or individual sponsor to help him/her pay for the trip.

How to join as a medical team ?
Any doctor, nurse or medical students are welcome to join on this trip. Those who are interested to join as a medical team member will have the responsibility of helping in any medical situation. This would be helpful for those wanting to experience and treating altitude sickness and experience in wilderness first aid.

How will I be kept up to date about this trip ?
When you book this trip you will send your full contact info postal address and email address. We will send all info by post mail or email. (whichever you prefer)

What about the payment system ?
You have to send the 50% payment in our account. You can send by wire transfer, money order or by credit card. There will be 5% banking fees if you pay by credit card.

How many people will be in one group ?
We are expecting quite bit climber in this expeditions but we are going to split in different number of groups. There will be maximum 12 to 16 climbers in one group. Each group will have a group leader.

What is the minimum requirement of climber to operate a group for this expedition?
The minimum number of climber we need in one group will be 4 people.

Is insurance must necessary ?
Yes, it is must necessary.  Everyone must have emergency medical insurance. If you do not have insurance you can not join this trip.

Is there any age limitation ?
For climbing you need to be 20 years old or molder. For trekking you need to be over 16 years or older.

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