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Hotel Shgangri-La

Hotel Shangri La

(Category 5 star)

Hotel Shangri-La is a 5 star hotel located in the very suitable and comfortable place. There was once primordial woodland in the heart of Kathmandu Valley that was dark, dense and detached from the hustle and bustle of the town. A 17th century queen from the walled city of Kathmandu had capriciously turned it into a landscaped forest. It bored a name: Raniban, the Queen’s Forest.
A century later, the British were allowed to set up a mission in Kathmandu and they cleared a part of Raniban. Gradually, farmers took away more of the forest and terraced fields appeared. The British mission needed houses for its army contingent and they were built along a road called the Lodging Path. Over the years, the road became Nepalicised into Lazimpat.

Along Lazimpat’s quiet stretch, there was a Rana palace. Then came a few shops and some restaurants. When India gained independence in 1947, the British mission was divided into two: the Indian Embassy and the British Embassy. Laximpat turned into an embassy row with the Japanese, American, Finnish, French embassies all located here, And then, on 1 July 1979, Shangri-La Hotel opened its colourful doors in Lazimpat.This is a story about Kathmandu’s legendary hotel, Shangri-La and the people who shaped it. They all shared something in common: a vision of what Shangri-la should be and the fortitude to make it happen. Nepalis or resident foreigners, they all had a deep love for Nepal and a respect for its traditions and way of life.

Price range : $ 85 to $ 275 per night

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