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The trip of a life

We planned and trained for almost a year
We bought and packed and repacked our gear
For a trip that we knew would not be for all
But yep....we were excited to be off to Nepal

A safe flight and a few days in Kathmandu
Gave us a chance to meet the rest of the crew
A motley lot totalling 15 in all
Were off to the Himalayas to really stand tall

A few weather delays would not spoil our trip
At Lukla we arrive with a white knuckle grip 
To begin the real reason for our travel
That is our trek and to come and marvel

Day after day of breathtaking views
That we all realise are seen by few
Snow covered mountains that soared above us all
And valleys that seemed to have no floor

Night after night we arrive at our tents
To revisit and discuss all the days events
Laughs and stories shared over our nights meal
And we discuss how we all feel

Our sherpa's and porters are so amazingly strong
And yaks that don't seem to put a foot wrong
Yet we struggle along at snails pace
"Slowly slowly this is not a race!"

Adventure holiday this is certainly it
Many a time it seemed easier to quit
Each day was tougher than each of us thought
But satisfaction is earned and something not taught

The Sherpa's that greeted us each day
Ming Mar, Pember and P.K.
All make each day fun and satisfying
Even though at times we all felt like crying

The Nepalese people lack much in ways
But could teach us a lesson in how to spend days
Simple life pleasures, music and laughs
Make us realise where real priorities are

And so as the end of this fantastic adventure nears
All of us know we have overcome fears
Everest, glaciers, cliff faces and snow
Are memories shared by us all I know

New friendships have been made and some strengthened
As well as our own self belief lengthened
And as we share photos and memories in years to come
It will become more apparent just what we have done

And when we return home people will say 
How was Nepal day by day
Our answers will differ from each other I'm sure 
But my answer will be its a must do tour!

By Darrell Roche 2/10/10

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