Frequently Asked Questions

Can I organize my own group?  This website is just for your information. It is not necessary to follow our itinerary, specified departure or joining date. You may take any date for your vacation. We can make very comfortable and convenient itinerary according to your needs. We organize all the trips for any individual or group. There will be a group discount for a group of friends, clubs, Schools and families. We are happy to organize, help and to give more information.

Who will be guiding the groups? Our trip leaders/guides have a number of years experience. They have spent most of their life in the Himalayas. All the leaders/guides are government certified and trained about guiding and climbing. Our all the guides speak English well.

Who will carry our gears? Our professional guides and porters will carry all the gears that we need. You will be carrying only your day pack.

What about the food on the trek? Generally everyone loves the Nepali food.  By common name, Nepali food is called Dhalbhat which means rice and lentils. On the trip we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast & lunch will be minimum 4 to 5 different items and dinner will be minimum 7 items. We take a great care in providing flavorful and hygienically prepared food. We have been commended for food from our previous clients.

What things are included in the Trip cost?

Hotel in Kathmandu with bed and breakfast

Half Day sightseeing in Kathmandu or as per explained in the itinerary.

The whole trip operations cost & all local transportations, entrance fee etc.

Twin share tent or lodge on the trek.

All meals while you are on the trip.

Tibet trip includes one way airfare if travelling by air

What things are not included in the Trip Cost?

Lunch and Dinner is not included while you are in the main cities.

Visa fee

Bar and cold drinks

Tipping for the crew members (optional)

What to bring with you?:

We will send you a detailed list about it.

How to Book the trip? It is very easy to book our trip. To book any of our trips, just fill our online reservation form or just send us a simple email or fax with your details. We send you a comprehensive trip itinerary after booking has been made

Helping the Environment:We are very concerned about the environment in the Himalayas. We are trying our best to teach the local people and our crews how to help to save the environment during our trips. We request that all travelers also help us to save the environment.

Do not throw or leave any rubbish on the trail or at the campsite.

You can check to make sure that your staff cleans the campsite before you leave.

Make sure that your staff brings back unburnable trash to the proper disposal center.

Burn or bury all the trash before leaving the campsite.

Do not throw any batteries in the trash or fire.

Nepal does not have any proper disposal facilities for batteries so please take all your used batteries back home with you and disposed of them there.

Do not throw any chemicals in the river or any running water.

Respect all the plants and wildlife.

Try to use fewer goods so you will produce less trash.

Encourage the use of kerosene or gas not firewood.

The advantage of taking a professional guide: Most of the trekkers always go on a trek with guide and porter. This is the good aspect for trekkers and the local people. It is much safer and easier to go with guide and porters on a trek.

A guide will provide enough information about the country, people, culture etc.

A guide will help to solve the local problems during your trek and tour

A guide will help you communicate with the locals.

In case of any unhealthy problems, your guide will look after your and if necessary will make referred arrangements.

Payment method: You can pay us by cash/Travel Check/Visa or Master card. For trip booking it will be easy to use your Card and for whole trip payment travel check or cash. There will be certain bank charge if you are using your credit card.

Dailey Trip Routine: On the trip you will be woken with a cup of black tea brought to your tent by your guides while you are having dream around 6 am to 7 am & after that you will be bringing a small bowl of washing water. After your cup of tea and washings, you have to pack your gear before you come to breakfast. Your guide will take your tent down and the porters will take your gear and tent. Breakfast is from 7:30 to 8:30 and we will leave the campsite as soon as breakfast is finished. We stop for lunch around at 11 am or 12 pm for two hours. Our crew will provide you with hotlunch and then we hit the trail again for the camp site. We will get to the campsite around 3pm to 4pm. As soon as we arrive at the camp campsite you will be provided a bowl of warm water and then starts the afternoon tea with cookies. Around 6pm or 630pm dinner will be served.

Tariff & Joining date: We have provided two kinds of price for every trip – regular stander price and economy price. We provide accommodations in a Five Star hotel with a regular stander price and non star tourist hotel with economical price. We provide the same services for both prices, the The only difference being the hotel accommodations for the regular standard price you will stay in a 5 star hotel and for the economy price you will stay in a non-star tourist hotel. If you are coming or organizing any particular trip, contact us for more details and for prices.You may join according to our trip departure date or chose your own date.