About Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan country in South Asia. It is located between India in the east, west, south & China in the north. Nepal is a perfect destination for leisure, nature, and adventure journey. There are several landmarks that Nepal is recognized for Mt.Everest is one of them and nearly a dozen of world’s highest mountains are in Nepal. This small country is known as the land of the Gurkhas who will be remembered worldwide for their valour and loyalty. It is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the light of Asia. It is also known as the most land of world-famous & respectable mountaineers and the most reliable and courageous Sherpa people. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim and other religions are practised and people of different religions maintain a perfect religious harmony. Natural beauty & its natural and cultural World Heritage Sites are the main attractions for tourists. Nepal is the most famous country for adventure tourism in the vast wilderness. You can explore Nepal by using the basic shelter to the most luxurious star hotels.

See Nepal is supported by the most experienced and respected adventurers, including mountaineers working with us as specialist guides in the wilderness adventure. Long experiences and professional operation in the main attraction & inspiration for running our organization. No hidden extras cost, creative, classic itineraries & use of quality ground services have attracted traveller and they have sources as much as possible to help promote the local economy in the remote regions of Nepal & Tibet

All our field staffs are well paid. We take care of our porters who do not the main hard job on the field. They are well equipped and provided with all foods & accommodation on the trip. All our field staffs insured as per Nepal’s government rules & regulations