Other Services

AIR SERVICES:- See Nepal, one of the leading organizations in Nepal, provides domestic & international air tickets to all sectors of the world with competitive prices, including charter flights. We are an authorized sales agent for all the domestic and major international airlines. Special & group airfare for domestic & international travelers also are available with us.

HELICOPTER CHARTER:- We provide all kinds of helicopter charter services for emergency evacuation, sightseeing, business, and religious tour purpose. For the emergency evacuation, we provide you with proper documents to get reimbursement from your insurance company. Many travelers may not know about emergency evacuation. Your travel insurance will pay you back all the costs that occur in the emergency evacuation & medical treatment. We provide you all the required documents & original bills that you will need to claim your expenses.

LAND TRANSPORTATION:- We provide all kinds of land transportation facilities, for arrival & departure, car/van/jeep/bus hire, bus tickets to all destinations is always available. We provide experienced drivers and very reliable vehicles. It will be our responsibility to get you to your destination when you hire a vehicle with See Nepal. We provide different vehicles at reasonable prices.

HIRE GUIDES & PORTERS:- See Nepal’s strength is its highly experienced and trustworthy guides & porters who have been providing their services to our clients for decades. Anyone can hire a guide & porter with us. Our guides & porters will be insured during the field trip period.

HOTEL BOOKING:-very special discounted rates for all types of hotels in See Nepal has Nepal. Everyone is welcome to book any hotels in Nepal through us. We can book economy, budget hotel to 5 stars hotels with different category rooms with our special offer. You will save more & get better services when you book hotels through us. Hotel bookings are free of cost for everyone. We provide the best available travel agents’ rates to everyone in Nepal.

PARAGLIDING:- Paragliding, a non-mechanical engine, is an aircraft operated by humans. It is a non-motorized, foot-launched inflatable wing. A pilot sits in a harness and the passenger sits on harness too in front of the pilot. You can glide like a bird in the sky with a Paragldier’s pilot. This is an adventure air sport. It will start from a flat and slope ground. The craft is controlled by the pilot and you just sit and take pictures and enjoy the gliding in the open sky. The pilot will give a briefing before you sit on paragliding. This is a 2 and a half hour adventure program, starting from the hotel and back after completing the sport. This is one of the musts to do adventures while you are here

ULTRA FLIGHT IN NEPAL:- Ultralight flight is an exhilarating ride that allows unhindered bird-eye views of the mountains and the scenic lakes far below. For those who always dreamed of flying like a bird, Pokhara is the place. It an hour exiting flight and ascend to a maximum height of 5000 meters around the sky of Pokhara valley. When aircraft take off from Pokhara and offer spectacular views of the lakes, mountains, and villages. The flight can be operated according to weather conditions consists in Pokhara valley.

BUNGEE JUMPING:- Bungee jumping is another extreme sport. The site is situated 160m over the wild Bhote Kosi River. It is located close to the Nepal-Tibet border, a three-hour bus ride from Kathmandu. The jump, at 160m, was designed by one of New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants and is operated by some of the most experienced jump masters in the business

FAMILY TRIP:-Taking a family trip in the mountains gives a great memory for you and your family. The Family trip is very popular in Nepal and Tibet. Nowadays most people want to take their family on the wilderness trip to give a different experience to their family members. It is a great experience for families to have some time in the Himalayas. We have been operating many family trips in Nepal and Tibet. We make the itinerary very flexible according to your family’s needs and wants. Introductory trekking, white water rafting, and Chitwan National Park Jungle safari give you a very pleasant time. You can do any of these trips listed in this brochure and our website or you can make your own program, too.

SCHOOL/COLLEGE TRIP:- School trips are very popular in Nepal. Travel education not only supplements a textbook education but also is most necessary in the modern age. Travel is a great learning experience. The students visit many different schools while they are on tour and trek. Students and teachers can exchange their programs with each other. You can follow any trip or make your own program. We operate tour & trekking for School groups in any area in Nepal. We provide the best service at a very reasonable price.

FIELD RESEARCH TRIP:- Nepal b important country for natural science and scientist. Many countries’ researchers are doing their field course & research in the different sectors in Nepal. We operate all kinds of researcher excursion for national and international scientists’ group in Nepal. Geological, Botanical, Cultural, Environment, and many other sectors are widely available for fieldwork.

PRIVATE TRIP:- There are many individuals, groups of friends, couples or any particular group traveling in Nepal. A private trip is great fun rather than joining with others. Taking a private trip or travel with own friends is a good idea to avoid any hassles from other people, big group or any unknown people. You can have the best time with your friends in the Himalayas.

CHITWAN NATIONAL PARK JUNGLE SAFARI:- Chitwan National Park Jungle is very popular for tourists & locals. Chitwan is about 5 hours drive from Kathmandu. This Park is located at a very low elevation and it is warmer than the rest of Nepal. There are different kinds of accommodations available at Chitwan National Park. You can stay in lodges inside the park or stay in lodges outside the park. Lodges inside the park are more expensive than the lodges outside the park. Here you can have a really pleasant time with your family, friends or by yourself. Chitwan National Park is a very important place to learn about local flora and fauna. We need at least 2 days to do regular activities such as Elephant ride, Jungle safari, Local culture dance, Bird watching, etc. Travelers usually go to Chitwan after their trek. You can add this trip at the end of any trip you do in Nepal. You will need at least 3 days’ time. It would be better not to miss this place while you are in Nepal.

WHITE WATER RAFTING:- White water rafting means cruising down a rushing river in an inflatable rubber raft or white water kayak over crashing waves and swirling rapids for the excitement of a lifetime. Nepal has earned a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world for white water rafting. Nepal’s thundering waters, coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalaya, provide unmatched thrills for rafting and immersing oneself in the landscape. A rafting trip is bound to be the highlight of your stay in the country